Significant fund changes

Simplification of our Equity Fund Range

We are pleased to confirm that the following transfers were completed on the 12 May 2017.

Existing Funds
New Funds*
Threadneedle European ex-UK Growth Fund
European Fund
Threadneedle Japan Growth Fund
Japan Fund
Threadneedle Pacific ex-Japan Growth Fund
Asia Fund
Threadneedle UK Equity Income Fund
UK Equity Income Fund
Threadneedle UK Growth Fund
UK Select Fund

*These funds are existing funds.

If your clients invest in one of the Existing Funds above, their investment will have been automatically transferred to the relevant New Fund. We will send your client a post-transfer statement with details of the value, share price and number of shares they hold in the New Fund(s).

Why did Columbia Threadneedle make these changes?

This is mostly an administrative change and largely to eliminate duplication of Funds, but we expect that our shareholders will benefit from lower fees and expenses in the New Funds.

How has my investment been affected by the transfer?
We want to assure you that the transfers have not affected the value of your investment or the way it is managed. The changes are largely administrative, and include:
  • A change to the cut-off time you can buy or sell shares at that day’s price. This cut-off time, which we call the valuation point, is when we measure the value of a fund’s total assets in order to set that day’s price. As a result of the proposed changes, the valuation point has moved from 2.00pm to 12.00 noon. Requests received after that time will receive the share price for the following valuation point.
  • A change to the date on which income is paid for income shares.
  • Changes to the way certain fees are applied.

Full details of the differences between the Existing Funds and the New Funds can be found in the shareholder circular.

How has my Individual Savings Account (ISA) been affected by the transfer?

If you hold your investment within an ISA, the ISA terms and conditions for the New Funds are different – a comparison of the terms and conditions is available.

We believe that the new terms and conditions are no less favourable than the current ones. The new terms and conditions will be introduced from the effective date for the transfers (detailed in the table below).

There will be no change to the ISA terms and conditions for any of the other funds offered by us as a result of the change.

What do I need to do?
You do not need to take any action. Your investments have been automatically transferred.
How can I find out the value, price and number of shares I hold in the New Funds?
You will receive a post-transfer statement with details of the value, share price and number of shares you hold in the New Fund(s) after the relevant transfer has taken place.
Further information

If you have any further questions, please call us on 0800 953 0134*. Our team is available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

*Calls may be recorded

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